Laura Ruggero is a fifty-year-old woman who lives in Naples and works as a cook in a canteen. The woman has been married for twenty years to Renato, who plays on board cruise ships. The two spouses have three children: Giada and the twins Nina and Giovanni, Laura and Giada have a complicated and difficult relationship. The Ruggero family is apparently a family like many others. One day, after a mysterious journey, Laura tells her children that her father died in a fire in Tenerife. From that moment, the lives of each of them change. Laura has to become an independent woman and decides to reinvent herself a job, helped by her friends. Laura’s past, however, is mysterious and unsuspected.

Produced by Bibi Film TV in collaboration with Rai Fiction, the series stars Elena Sofia Ricci, in the role of fifty-year-old Laura, a cook in a canteen, who will have to face the many challenges that life will put before her and grow up on her own his three children with a thousand difficulties. The series is set in Naples.

It was broadcast on Rai 1 from 23 April to 28 May 2020 in 6 evenings, for a total of 12 episodes


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