Make Your Story!

The boys from the Naples Penal Institute for Minors are back!

New characters are added to those of the first season and new stories are told and deepened in an escalation of emotions. While Kubra and Sasa arrive in the prison, the difficulties put a strain on the love of Filippo and Naditza. Carmine, after Nina’s death, feels lost and without strength; Edoardo tries to take Ciro’s place as boss… The main location of the series remains the Molo San Vincenzo, transformed by the Campania scenography department led by Antonio Farina. The soundtrack of the second season of “Mare Fuori”, produced and distributed by RaiCom, is once again signed by Stefano Lentini and sees the continued collaboration with Raiz, in the song “Amore che fa male”, and with Matteo Paolillo, author of “Sangue Nero”, with the voices of two young actors and protagonists of the series: Cardiotrap (Domenico Cuomo) and Gemma (Serena Codato).