The Pizzofalcone police station is in disarray, four agents involved in drug trafficking have been removed. They will be replaced by scraps from the adjacent offices.

The new assistant superintendent is Luigi Palma, forty with a jovial temperament, a quiet divorce behind him and an exclusive interest in work. Giuseppe Lojacono, unjustly removed from his Sicily, is the most brilliant among the inspectors even if his family condition is depressing. Francesco Romano and the young agent Alessandra Di Nardo have been transferred because of their too rude ways: the first because of his violence, the second because of his familiarity with weapons, while the recommended Marco Aragona is given the last chance to stay. in the police.

Of the old Pizzofalcone team, only the elderly Giorgio Pisanelli and the forty-year-old Ottavia Calabrese survived, each with serious family problems: a group united by the fact that they have nothing more to lose.

The Pizzofalcone police station has to close at the end of December so the team has to deal only with small cases of normal administration but when Lojacono helps to solve a murder case brilliantly, the superiors allow them to investigate even complex cases.

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